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Ladies' 125 School

In 2016 we celebrated 125 years of Ladies Golf at West Lancashire. As part of our celebrations we took on the exciting challenge of increasing our lady playing membership to 125.  Beginners’ classes for women had been in place since 2008 but we felt that we needed a further initiative to help these ladies on their way to become members of the club. And so, the 125 School was born. Membership of the school is for those who have been on our beginners’ classes or those who have had some lessons in the past and who wish to take their golf further. Members of the school, which lasts for a year, are offered monthly roll ups with members, fortnightly skills sessions with the professionals, the opportunity to play on the course with mentors at quiet times, use of the practice facilities, a 125 club card and all the facilities of the clubhouse. 

We have already achieved a significant degree of success and are continuing to move towards our ultimate target.  For the first time in 40 years our lady membership has increased; from 88 at the beginning of 2016 to 109 in early 2019.


To access the application form for the 125 School, please click here and return it to The West Lancashire Golf Club.


1.   Stage 3 at The West Lancashire Golf Club is the third stage in our programme of initiatives to help women ‘Get into Golf’.  It is aimed at those ladies who have attended our beginners’ classes but are not yet ready to join the Club. It is also open to ladies who are at a similar stage of golfing experience.

2.   Places in Stage 3 are limited to 8. A lady may be a member of Stage 3 for a maximum period of 1 year.

3.   To join Stage 3 a recommendation from the professional team is needed.  An applicant should then fill out a form (available on the club website) and return it to the professional shop. An informal interview will be held to ensure applicants’ eligibility and to explain the rules.

4.   An applicant who is accepted into Stage 3 will be required to pay on enrolment the sum of £800 to cover 12 months’ membership.

5.   Upon payment of the subscription, a participant will be provided with a West Lancashire Club card.

6.   A Stage 3 member may apply at any time to join the West Lancashire Golf Club, through standard membership procedures.

7.   Stage 3 members participate in a Skills Programme. The cost of the Skills Programme (£180) provided by the professionals is included in the cost of the 12 month subscription.  A total of 24 class lessons will be provided by the professionals over that period (two every month).

8.   Stage 3 members will be invited to take part in monthly “roll-ups” with Club volunteers. Members of the Club will act as mentors and accompany Stage 3 members out on the course.

9.   Stage 3 members may use the practice facilities at any time.

10. Membership of Stage 3 is organised into 3 levels: 1: members of Stage 3 may take part in monthly roll-ups with members which will take place on the course but are otherwise not allowed on the course. 2: members of Stage 3 may go on the course with members or mentors. 3: members of Stage 3 may go on the course with other School members without mentors or members.

11. Stage 3 members may only play on the course at reasonably quiet times. Use of the course must be reasonable and fair, and will be monitored. Tee times must be booked with the professional shop and whilst on the course Stage 3 members must give priority to Club members and visitors at all times.

12. Stage 3 members must adhere to the Rules of the Club and the Rules and etiquette of golf.

13. Stage 3 members are permitted to bring playing guests to the Club on payment of a full green fee, once level 3 has been reached.  There is no entitlement for such members to sign in guests at a reduced green fee. 

14. Stage 3 members are encouraged to attend those social events to which guests may be invited (i.e. not club members’ only events). Casual get-togethers are held during the year.

15. If a Stage 3 member is accepted for membership of the West Lancashire Golf Club part way through the 12 month period of membership then she will be entitled to a reimbursement, on a monthly pro-rata basis, of the subscription paid when joining Stage 3. This excludes the cost of the lessons which are non-refundable.  A Stage 3 member who is accepted as a member of the Club may continue to participate in the Skills programme. However, participation in roll ups will no longer be an option.

16. Golfers’ insurance is a requirement.  Clubs, a bag and golf shoes are also required.   

Ladies 125 Application form Files Attachment
To access the application form for the 125 School, please click on the "FIND OUT MORE" link and return it to The West Lancashire Golf Club. Find out More